ArtFire Artifacts

We know that Artisans are as individual as the handmade items they produce. In order to help you promote that individuality in the marketplace and to recognize your contributions to Art Fire, each other, and the world, we created the Artifact program.

Artifacts are graphic representations of activities our artisans engage in, service they perform or groups to which they belong. Artifacts are another way for artisans to demonstrate the great things they do and build depth and trust for their work and personality with buyers in the marketplace.

An Artisan can collect unlimited artifacts. Each artisan can choose to display some, all, or none of the artifacts by their user name and in their artifact section of their profile. Some artifacts are automatically assigned and many are only awarded after an approval or certification process. By creating the artifact program on we hope to increase the diversity, uniqueness, and individuality of expression that can be demonstrated and recognized in the artisan community.

Artifacts are just one of the ways we focus on makers and artisans. Our Seller Spotlights and Great Maker Search are other programs avaialble for artisans to join as well.

Charter Artisan Badge

Charter Artisan

The first Pro members of become charter members. This artifact represents the artisan's trail blazing nature and commitment to the artisan community.
Fire Mentor Artisan Badge

Fire Mentor Artisan

These Artisans are well versed in the process and services of Art Fire. They have agreed to help new artisans and sellers get the most out of Art Fire. If you are stuck and need to ask a quick question, or just want to learn from the best, you should contact a Fire Mentor Artisan. Fire Mentor Artisans are wonderful guides and helpful mentors in our handmade artisan community.

Certified Handmade Artisan

If you see this artifact you know that the artisan has been through a juried review process and of the items listed in their shop are made by hand by the Artisan. This artifact is the symbol of total commitment to making with your own two hands. That commitment is very special, and it deserves recognition.
The Certified Handmade Artisan Badge can be awarded by completing the application and review process for Seller Spotlights or being the winner/runner up in the Great Maker Search.
Maven Badge


The ArtFire Maven Team helps us grow and prosper as a community and marketplace. Through collaborative promotional efforts, maven exclusive product testing, and regular brainstorming and feedback opportunities, the maven team has helped to shape ArtFire into the vibrant and growing venue it is today.
Innovator Badge


Almost every day we get suggestions from our member artisans on how to make ArtFire better. We listen to every idea for improving the handmade community. While we can't implement all of them, we do try to roll out innovations from our artisans on a regular basis. If an artisan suggests something that we use to improve the sight, they are awarded the innovator artifact. The artisans with this artifact have helped to make a better handmade artisan community.
Designer Artisan Badge

Designer Artisan

A Designer artisan has won an art or craft competition here on ArtFire. Various competitions and contests on Art Fire serve to bring out the best from our Handmade Artisans. Winners and award recipients will receive the recognition of their peers and the right to display the Designer Artisan Artifact.
Contributor Badge


This artifact recognizes artisans who have contributed to Art Daily through a submission, featured item, cartoon or technique. Contributors to any community help to improve it. Our contributors are recognized with this snazzy cub reporter style button.
Columnist Badge


Select Artisans are asked to be columnists in ArtFire publications Nosh or Handmade News. These folks publish insight, inspiration and innovation on a regular basis. If you see this artifact you can rest assured that the artisan who displays it is one of our experts.