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Awards will be given in four categories

Winners receive high fives and accolades from peers around the world, reduced ArtFire fees, and a huge boost to exposure around the site, around the web and across social media. You’ll also enjoy front page exposure and receive a custom icon awarded on your profile and your items for everyone to see!

This is your chance to set yourself apart and show your independence and dedication to handmade. Only handmade artisans are eligible to participate.
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fiber Arts
  • Jewelry
  • Fine Arts

Criteria & Judging

Just submit the application with examples of your work, link to your shop and select your category. Tell us about what makes you awesome and how you create. We’ll want to see where the magic happens with a few shots of you in action in your studio or workspace. If you win we’ll be interviewing you and sharing your story so please take the very best pictures you can. Once complete you’ll share your entry and rally your supporters!

Applicants are selected based on a combination of internal ArtFire curation and 3rd party public polling. To be selected you must have:

  • at least 10 items active in your ArtFire shop
  • be in good standing with ArtFire
  • have all the following account information completed:
    • Avatar picture
    • profile picture
    • store name
    • store banner
    • location
    • address
    • phone number
    • email address
    • bio
    • policies
    • shipping and payments. (Your private account information is for our use and not published).

After the initial application is submitted, applicants are then chosen, placed in their respective category and released to the public for voting during Round 2 of the Maker Search. The number of Round 2 nominees varies depending on the number of applications.* Voting lasts 15 days (2 weeks and a day) and you can vote more than once for more than one nominee if you wait 24 hours. This is your time to gather up your fans and ask for their support. Winners will be selected for each Top Maker category every 4 months, with the first winner being announced June 2016. Applications remain open in between rounds.

You can choose to have your application recycled for the next round in the selected category. To do so, please email

For Those Who Want More

You can apply for and win in multiple categories once per year.   Some makers are awesome enough to do this and if you’re that person we’ll display up to two Maker Search icons on your items and the rest on your profile page.   Your icon can drop off of your profile if you don’t maintain at least 10 items in your shop or fall out of good standing with ArtFire.  We make a big deal out of how amazing you are and we want to help you be more successful.  You’ll receive a lot more traffic and exposure and we want your fans and buyers to have a great experience when shopping with you so we insist that all your account information be up to date and that we are able to contact you anytime we want to say hello.  Maker Search winners that receive excessive complaints from buyers or who have a feedback rating that drops below 4.5 stars will be dropped from the program until corrected.