ActingCrafty's Profile

While on tour performing in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, I learned how to knit, and then crochet. I became obsessed with both and have several pictures of myself backstage in a babushka or wedding dress doing one or the other. It was the perfect way to the pass the time in between scenes while staying focused on the show. Occasionally, I would almost miss an entrance because I didn't want to put down whatever it was I was working on. I also enjoyed finding the local yarn stores around the country. In other shows, I've taught all the ladies (and one young girl) in my dressing room how to crochet. Someone once walked in, saw everyone crocheting and exclaimed: Oh my gosh, she's got a sweatshop in here.

I enjoy all things crochet: the yarn, sharing ideas on the internet, craft shows, selling online, creating, etc. It's a passion I think I will enjoy forever.

Baby Alpaca Soft Acrylic Acrylic/Wool Blends