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Welcome to ANDREA DESIGNS. My name is Andrea Wagner. I was born and raised in Lima-Peru, Southamerica. I love to knit, crochet, weave, make jewelry, cards, transform the wood cigar boxes into purses, paint glass, there are many things to learn. I design scarves, ponchos, shawls, baby clothing, headbands, hats, purses, and handmade jewelry. I use luxury fibers like alpaca, cashmere, angora, Italian and French acrylic, and cotton. I knit, crochet, handwoven using a loom, and a knitting machine.

I was a knitting machine instructor. I did all my clothing, including dresses, jackets, sweaters, pants, baby clothing, and more. When I got married (27 years ago) and came to the USA, I did not bring my knitting machine with me (big mistake). After several years working as a Call Center Supervisor, my dream was to work from home and have my own business. My goal was to get a knitting machine and make scarves. The journey started getting a new knitting machine, which I found out on the internet, the next step was to get luxury yarns (alpaca), I started researching on the internet, I was able to find not only alpaca yarn, also cashmere, angora, and beautiful acrylics. I discovered a new world, however, some of these new beauties didn't work well in a knitting machine, some of them were very thick or fuzzy for the knitting machine. I began to use the knitting needles and crochet hook again, what I learned in High School.

My goal is reached when my customer is happy with the product he/she had chosen and tells me she was asked -"Where did you get that? It is gorgeous."-

I am a member of The Artisan Group! The Artisan Group is an elite close-knit community of over 800 talented worldwide artisans, that gifts a collective sampling of handcrafted products to celebrities in Hollywood and members of the press at gift lounges. For more information visit The Artisan Group @

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