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My name is Kit. I was born in California and left at the age of 22 to move to beautiful Seattle, Washington. I lived there for 20 years and raised a son there while going to night school, working full time, and battling CPTSD. I also work in the medical field. I have been painting things since grade school. Painting has always been a natural way for me to work through my PTSD, the losses that come with that, and the inevitable abandonment and loneliness and other feelings that come from a chronic illness. As well as painting animals, I paint women from the Jazz Age and a little bit beyond that time. I can relate with their stories, their pain, their life and death. Affirmations, whether positive or”negative” (think: anger ) are important for healing. The things we never get to say to the people that have hurt us...that can cause even deeper wounds. I will say on canvas what I should have said years ago. My abusers won’t be listening, and in this moment we all understand what those few words of pain and power mean. My paintings are part of my story of the abuse that I endured and a tribute to the women that helped shape history with their bravery and self expression. I hope you find a little bit of yourself in my work, and it speaks to you in some way.

Canvas Acrylic Paint Old Magazines Buttons fabric.