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I started cross-stitching when I was in 3rd grade. I started off with stamped cross-stitch, and then eventually loved it so much to the point where I started making my own designs. Being a kid, though, I didn't have a car nor a job, so I didn't always have supplies. My mom wanted me to focus on school.

Growing up, I've been told by adults that I have to go to college in order to have a successful and happy career and life. They stressed that it was the only choice; it was either that or you work at McDonald's for the rest of your life. First off, that's an insult to every single McDonald's employee who love their job. Second, as we all know, college isn't required to have a successful and happy life. I found this out when I was in college.

I used to get straight A's and B's in grade school up until a quarter into my Freshman year. I got a C in a class that I worked super hard in. There was a chance for extra credit, but it was never given to me. I approached the teacher about it, but by then it was too late for a grade change. She also told me something that pretty much destroyed my motivation for academics and made me realize that no matter how hard you work, the teacher still controls the grades. I did try to get my motivation back after that, but I just simply couldn't. It wasn't until college that I found out that academics was no longer my thing, and that I wanted to do something else with my life.

I dropped out of college to start my new career, but that's not all. I also was extremely depressed because of an ex boyfriend. It was then that I truly realized that I was miserable, and that I have practically been miserable my entire life. I was never allowed to express anger and sadness when growing up, and I never learned how to express it properly. In place of anger and sadness was fear and the anger and sadness was pushed in the back of my mind. It kept building, but I ignored it. But after what happened with my ex, all those years of anger and sadness just fell on top of me. It was overwhelming and nearly unbearable. I almost died of a heart attack twice. Yeah, you can die of heart break. It was like that for the passed two years, and I'm still a little sad and upset today. However, I've improved, and it's not as bad as before. If I hadn't have become depressed, then I never would've been able to figure out that academics are no longer my thing. I have new goals now:

I want to turn my cross-stitching into a career. I want to live off of needlework and share my love and passion for my work with others. I still have a long way to go, but I look forward to the journey. Sorry for the long story. There is so much more about me and so many more details to my story, but I just wanted to reveal how I began my career.

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