EclecticJam's Profile

I am mesmerized by pink roses and purple irises; tickled by peacock and pheasant feathers; inspired by sunsets and full moons; moved by a thunderstorm and lightening streaking across a dark gray sky; I wonder what lives were seen, before they were buried in layers of rust, and who laid eyes on all those layers of paint; I'm amazed by a spider weaving so delicately; rejuvinated by the smell of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes; comforted by a warm fire on a snowy night; encouraged by the progress, after pouring my sweat, blood and tears into something..... and challenged to take all of the "I ams", roll them together and create something with them.

rusty metal found objects vintage jewels and baubles old laces velvets shipping pallets broken anything junk salvage materials leather ;sheer fabrics satins dried flowers paints beads detash rhinestones and crystals