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MY PERSONAL ARTIST STATEMENT: I'm a self-taught artist and strongly believe that everyone is given the gift of creativity when we're born. We're all just presented with different opportunities to develop our creativity (some more advantageous and better than others), and we use the gifts we're given in different ways. I find inspiration in nearly everything. I could not imagine having a life without creativity involved. I have taken classes and workshops ranging from drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, clay, lampwork (making glass beads), weaving, and beadwork to try & improve on the skills I do have. In the world today, where there is so much tragedy and uncertainty; I think art is especially important, as well as being therapeutic & certainly cheaper than a therapist! We can lose ourselves and transcend our sorrows when we create, and truly be in a better and more peaceful world.

beads fiber paper paints clay camera Photoshop just about anything that can be used to create something