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Hello, My name is Asimina and I am from Greece! From a very young age, I am a true lover of fairies, magical creatures, and magic in general!

I guess it is not a surprise that my favorite TV series is Supernatural and my favorite book is Mortal Instruments! Its all about magic!

Ops, I forgot the most important! I am a cat lover mama with four fur-babies and a lot of stray babies too!!

So, five years ago, I started to experiment with polymer clay! I was so thrilled about it because you can create so many things with it! I love the smell of clay when it is in the oven! And that was the beginning of my new life! I finally found the meaning of my life and what I truly wanted to do!

I started to experiment with new materials like resin, metal, polyresin, wood, paraffin and so many more! This list is endless! I really can't decide if I like most creating jewelry, ornaments or candles! So, I decided to create anything that makes me happy! Without patterns and without restrictions! I have of course a day job but is not something that I love to do... Creating beautiful things is my true passion!

Please remember... never, ever give up on your dreams! It can be hard but if you don't chase your dreams you will never be truly happy!

I wish you the best and remember..always keep following your dreams!