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My advice to anyone who wants to begin to create jewelry, is to look deep into your heart, and listen to the beads "tell you" what looks best together in a design. You will just "know" when they are placed just right. Do not ever settle for "Ok" , and keep at it until you, yourself are over-whelmed with the statement your design brings to your heart. I began seriously designing jewelry in my 50s, so it is never to late to begin a new path in life. There really was little on the internet to learn from in those days, so I am self-taught, and I am very happy to have gone that long hard route. It really opens up new adventures in design to have tried over and over (and over) to get a skill or a technique just right,. Don't ever give up- and only present to others, those designs that truly moved your own soul.

South China Sea cultivated perfectly round silken shell Pearls Fiber optic (Cats Eye) Glass Beads and ALL Gemstones!