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Kustom Kufflinks sells ONLY cuff links made by US! We do EVERYTHING from assembly to shipping from OUR studio. We don't sell fake/counterfeit/knock off ANYTHING! Everything is genuine Kustom Kufflinks from start to finish. Even our template used is made with our equipment and accessories in our studio. Our original Kustom Kufflinksâ„¢ are all OURS, why not make them YOURS too!

Orders are shipped out in 1 business day (They will NOT be there in 1 business day) 1 business day is our time to make them, set them, and send them. We do this within 1 business day.

We offer great quality cuff links at an affordable price. Our new 18mm FOLDING post cuff links are our standard size. These go along with our 16mm and 20mm sizes we offer. These are what you get when ordered. These aren’t found anywhere else, and they are much more durable than the usual “stiff” post cuff links. Why break your bank on groomsmen gifts when you already have a lot of other priorities to worry about? Come on in, and check us out! We offer DISCOUNTS on multi pair orders, and wedding packages! Ask us and we will make your big day better, at a fraction of the cost!

With the summer over and the rush of wedding orders slowing down (only for a short little breath) Our season is still in full swing. We do Comicon shows around Ontario, We are constantly trying to add fresh new ideas daily, and begining to get around to these shout-outs more often, there isn't time to sit and become satisfied.

Our goals are ever changing, and keeping away from "The Norm" is what we strive to do. We've heard too many stories of people looking for something SPECIAL, and going to a site (we won't name names because they're so contradictory and hypocritical it's amusing) and they order something that looks great at the time...When it arrives? Not so much. We stick TO our word and stick BY our product, from start to finish, and we'll back ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we send out...1000%

We may use a template for our listings, but what you see is what you're getting. We don't believe in selling for the sake of a sale. We list identical to what gets made and sent, and take our time assembling everything to be 100% accurate and EXACTLY as described. There may be mishaps on they to the destinations, but once they leave our hands, we are at the mercy of the Postal Systems worldwide. And IF a problem arises, we take care of it right away. If a single cufflink gets damaged in the mail, instead of remaking a single one, we redo the whole set. We do that because you didn't pay for 1.5 cufflinks, you paid for the full 2, so we will send you the item you paid for. We also, barring any outrageous postage charges, eat the shipping on the remade set, just to get them out ASAP. We're not into haggling for an extra 5 bucks to send it out again, we just want you to get them.

Our philosophy, since Day 1 has always been "Customer Service". We answer every email as soon as we get it (Time differences around the world prevent me from saying "When they come in") and we will own up to any mistake made. We provide real people, answering every question with honesty and Integrity. We don't hide behind the anonymnity of the Internet, or Website, We throw ourselves in with both feet without looking.


Base metal silver plated lightweight yet VERY durable resin domes printed images.