Mothic9Studio's Profile

Corporate technical designer turned handbag creator. I love fiber arts and creating collage using fabrics. Most of my work utilizes upcycled fabrics and has a vintage vibe. I'm inspired by organic shapes and textures that tell a story. I enjoy translating what inspires me visually into a functional work of art. My designs can be easily customized, such as incorporating photos of loved ones, places you hold dear and being made out of meaningful fabrics/clothing. My hand-beaded bags are custom-made and heirloom quality. Feel free to contact me with any custom ideas you may have. I have the skills and vision. Together, we can create something truly special!

I love using up-cycled fabrics - giving new life to repurposed suede/leather skirts and tweed jackets. I use vintage photographs and my own inspired images from my worldly adventures.