Nobu's Profile

Hello my dear customer, This is Norbu from Vienna. This Handcrafted jewelry was our family business since my Grand father time. This is the first time we are bringing our product to online market for our global customers. This jewelry represent the identity of the Tibetan and Nepali people who have rich culture, and tradition. Behind every jewelry there is some kind of cultural symbols, and we wear it almost every important occasion. The history of these ornaments can take back to 8th and 9th centuries. All the jewelry we make are hand made and we used the best of best material in our product. Our product are high in quality and cheaper than the market price you will probably find. We value our customer and we believe customer satisfaction is the key success of our business. Therefore, every product we launch in the market, we make sure that our product is best in quality, affordable price and best design. I hope you will love our product and can't wait to hear from you all as well. Cheers, Norbu

My personal favorite Materials is Braclet. The mass and length is perfect with the luxurious looks.