Rainwolf's Profile

My name is Dellana Groen. I am a self-taught Seattle-based photographer and have been involved in photography for many years. My work is centered on the experience of my travels. There is no particular aspect that I concentrate on. The culture, architecture, history and nature are equally of interest to me. Every place has a special beauty and meaning in the world, we all need to know in order to learn, grow, explore and protect. My passion for exploring the world around us is captured in my photographs. As an insatiable traveler who is also legally blind, I began using photography to capture bits of architecture, geography, culture and the natural world, so I could examine them in detail as well as share my unique perspective when I got home. Over time I found my limited vision to be an asset. Often it allows me to view the common place from an uncommon perspective. I am thankful for an art that allows me to share my view of our surroundings with you.