Sepals' Profile

Not just stones, but a closer look at the beauty of nature!

As a kid, I used to put beads in a string to wear them in casual parties. Haha! those days!

When I grew up, I saw my mom keeping a box in her almirah in which she used to drop a piece of jewelry every 6 months to give them all to me in my marriage. Moms and traditions! You just can't stop both of them. The majority of the jewelry pieces that she had stored were made up of gemstones, since she knew my love for stones and beads since my childhood.

Transforming my love for stones into a profession was something I had always wanted to. I started getting into the depth of these stones. In between, my love for kids and the need for money made me a teacher. Thereafter too, I joined many courses to gain as much knowledge as I could about the gemstones. I was amazed to find out the extreme beauty of nature and I thought of giving the best of it to people around the world.