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Knitting is not just a hobby, knitting - it's something more ... Being a stylish and elegant. Look fresh and original ... Is not that what every woman wants? .. But if this is every woman? .. Today, we welcome you to the wonderful world of knitted things. In a world where wishes come true woman look beautiful, fashionable and at the same time stand out among others. I welcome you to my store: "Shopliudmila", where you can buy or order any favorite thing and get it as soon as possible. I offer free knitting diagrams and descriptions of things for the novice and experienced knitters, as well as free and paid workshops on knitting patterns and things included in a gift with purchase. Every thing related arms is unique. Sweater vest or rompers handmade - it's not just plexus multicolored threads of yarn in some way, a pattern. This positive energy of creativity, who created these things. With every purchase you get a gift

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