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State Street Beard Company was founded in 2014. At the time I was operating a different business, Bella Rosa Soap Company, and I decided to add a mens item to my line. It took less than 6 months before my one mens item, took over my entire business. State Street Beard Company was formed and I have never looked back. It has been a wild and crazy ride.

Believe it or not, the comment I get the most is the fact that I am female, and making all men's care products. So, Yes I’m a GIRL! Furthermore, last time I checked in the mirror, I didn’t have a beard, despite the fact that I am sometimes referred to as the crazy beard lady. My name is Casey, owner, operator, beard lady, overly caffeinated mom, wife, and pet parent. Nice to Meet You!

Tobacco & Amber Products are our top seller. Black Mountain and Cedar Leather follow next in line If you are looking for a warm masculine scent try: Tobacco & Amber Cedar Leather Sandalwood Tobacco & Vanilla Cherry Tobacco. If you are looking for a clean fresh scent try: Black Mountain Applejack Pisgah Forest Spiced Bergamot Barber Shoppe