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Hi, my name is Mary Ann Baskoff.

I love weddings and all that goes with them. I love gift wrapping and the reaction that a recipient receives when he/she is given (or order's) one of Wrapsody & Ink's wedding card boxes or pre-wrapped gift boxes.

“Presentation is everything!” especially when it comes to weddings and gift giving. Being passionate about both, I designed securely locked wedding card boxes as well as re-useable, elegantly pre-wrapped gift boxes. The decorated portion of the box remains intact when the box is “unzipped” open. I assure you that Wrapsody & Ink's wedding card boxes and gift boxes will make a beautiful and unique impression.


Please do not hesitate to call me at 561.573.8885 (cell) . My website is www.etsy.com/shop/wrasodyandink

Warmest Regards, Mary Ann Baskoff

All designs as well as Velcro locked ribbons shown are property of Wrapsody & Ink™ and are original works and designs Distributing and duplicating in any way is strictly prohibited without permission. © 2011 Wrapsody & Ink™.

Everything gift wrapping! Handmade papers taffeta fabric florals (real and silk) paints.