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I have been loom beading custom hatbands on my handmade oak loom since 2001. I've enjoyed making every one of them and customers appreciate my craftsmanship. I have now sold over 500 hatbands in the past fourteen years, some of them one of a kind. I have designed close to 100 patterns and design new ones upon customer requests. I've done reproductions of actual Native American line drawings of the 1840's-1860's, and hatbands worn in the movies. I designed in 2002, the accurate reproduction of the hatband worn by Tom Laughlin in "Billy Jack" and also the hatband worn by Brad Pitt (Tristan Ludlow) in "Legends of the Fall". Since the passing of a his grandmother in the 1980's, I was commissioned by a Native American Cherokee) to bead him a hatband with his own personal beadwork design given to him by his grandmother, who in the past did all his beadwork. A very special honor and experience, being I have no Native American heritage. I have my own "America Designs", including 13 star US Flag, Union 13 Star & Crossed Swords, Confederate 7 Star & Crossed Swords and the Confederate Battle Flag. Last but not least, I've designed hatbands for US Veterans of WWII, Vietnam Era, and current conflicts, beading their military ribbon medals to scale. I also can incorporate the Purple Heart ribbon medal, and have done a custom order for a veteran with 13 different ribbon medals on his hatband. I can bead them for Veteran's of past wars and present conflicts. Thanks for your time, and please contact me to order one of my designs or for your special custom hand loom beaded hatband. Thanks, Andrea

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