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I married for a 2nd time in a pioneer western village outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The ceremony took place in a wooden frame church built in the late 1800's. The church had a antique pump organ, I had a neighbor who knew how to play one so she volunteered to play at my wedding. I along with my bridal party arrived in a horse drawn wagon. I wore a prairie style wedding dress and made hats for myself and the bridesmaids. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony. I found out about Etsy from a friend who suggested I sell my work on the internet. My mosaic work was large and heavy and at the time I was was dabbling in making silver smiting jewelry but was not that excited about working with a torch inside a room of my house. I was wanting to make a change. My husband suggested making hats as he so loved the one's I had made for our wedding. Sooo I started making hats and that has been my passion since 2008. I love fabric, textures and colors. Making hats gives me unlimited opportunity to play with my favorite medium. I love the out of doors and spend my free time gardening and fishing with my husband and our four dogs. Our dogs were all rescue pups and range in size from a Great Dane to a Chaweenie. They are a crazy pack of dogs who love to explore and swim. I have a wonderful life.

I love fabrics. Mostly textures and prints.