iCandyCraftSupplies' Profile

I am a MOMpreneur :)

I am a wife and a mother to four very different children who take up the majority of my attention. When my first child was born, I knew I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom but it was unrealistic for my family. I had to work to provide for my family... and I have struggled with that decision for many years (16 years to be exact). I have tried different business adventures; photography, selling jewelry, makeup, baby products, bookkeeping (a few of my many disappointed failures) and none of them helped me enough to be able to stay home and continue to provide financially. So, I have always worked, full-time and I continue to work, full-time.

I am hard of hearing and have a strong deaf cultural background. I absolutely LOVE the deaf culture.

I consider myself an artist. An idealist. An optimistic. A dreamer...I strive on Hope.

I'm just like you... I want peace. I want love... and financial freedom. One day.... Some day.