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Hey my name is Lacey im a busy mummy of 3 beautiful children we are a family of 5 my lovely daughters 8 and 18 months and my very chilled boy whos 6 and have a crazy dog bailey!(drives me round the bend but got to love her) In the spare time i do get i love to play and create with wood and supply lots of schools and preschools of my fun versatile product THE WOODEN DISC! Alot of people buy just for coffee coasters! I go collect the stunning different types of hard woods OAK, ASH & SILVER BIRCH from my Uncles land then make into discs, sand them down smooth, and treat them with oils so they last well and bring all the colours and patterns out. I am trying hard to sell these at the moment as my family including my partner deserve a surprise holiday theyve all done so well and work so hard id love to wake them up one morning and say get up we got a plane to catch! The children never been abroad and i havent in 12 years much needed. I am will to work and sell as hard as i can till this dream happens. (sure theyll think im crazy and winding them up haha. Thanks for reading one determind mummy x

Course that would have to be what nature provided beautiful pieces of wood