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I can make breakfast in 10 minutes or under. My pizza is better than anything you can buy. I attended various colleges for over 7 and 1/2 years, and got a truly good education. I can peel an apple off in one piece about 3/4ths of the time. I am very good with scizzors, and I can knit, crochet, and embroider. I learned to draw after I reached the age of reason, and my style reflects this. No unnecessary lines, lines thick and thin where they should be. I enjoy my life as fully as I can.

I have 7 and a half years of a university education and no degrees. This takes some talent and determination. I AM however, a professor in the University of Hard Knocks. And I also have awarded myself a doctorate in watercolors for completing the painting "Goldfinches in the Snow", what I sell as a print in the shop. ( I started watercolors to get better at the distinguished brushstroke in oil painting, and wound up falling in love with the medium. Oils are more forgiving, but watercolors are ever- fresh.) Jon (my son) is at the heart of my life. We are very close. I have finally become a person I can be proud of, not becuz of any inherent decency of my own, but becuz Life demanded it of me, and I could only acquiesce. I am as I wished to be in the beginning, I am, an artist. I lost too much on the way, so my lines are correct and crisp, forced into minimalism by tunnel vision. I try very much not to produce fluff. I think that every Lovely Thing must have a purpose or live up to a vision that is not solely my own. I have a passionate love for what I am now doing. My ultimate aim is to create things so beautiful that you (yes, YOU) cannot simply pass them by. I hope you will want to make one or two your OWN. Bio Photo Gallery

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