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Artist: Svetlana Pavlova

Svetlana Pavlova is an artist who specializes in hand painting of dolls, figurines, samovars and porcelains.

Native to Vladivostok, but with strong roots in Moscow, Russia, Svetlana Pavlova has been making custom paintings since 2001. She is self-driven, determined, and passionate about her dolls designs which have been recognized in Russia for their quality and originality. She loves music, history of art, and movies. She is involved in design of new models and continiously improves her skills as there is no end to improvment of professional skills.

Svetlana has more then 15 years experience in painting in Russia and now it`s time to expand her art works and handpainted amazing russian goods to worldwide customer base. Maria established her studio 3 years ago and continues to build her workshop with the vision of making people happy by delivering a top quality product. She feels accomplished when someone is pleased by her art works.

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