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My name is Julia and I truly believe that every girl is a real QUEEN! We are all so different, but each of us is unique, full of mysteries and magical power of love!

Why tiaras and crowns? I was always fond of princesses and queens, so I decided to create a CROWN for my mum's anniversary! I began to experiment with techniques. Through trial and error, wasting 10m laces, kilograms of glue, solutions, emulsions, pigments- I developed a unique combination and solidification of painting. And finally started my favorite part of working process - DESIGN! Mum really liked it!!! I was on cloud nine! After celebration my friend asked me to create one more CROWN for her birthday! And after I saw how beautiful my friend was in crown, I made a decision to provide girls and woman with crowns!=)

*** No, I don't have megalomania and arrogance, I just love fooling around! ***