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We all know that , King Prithivi Narayan Shah; The great Warrior used “The Khukuri” to conquer and form a country “Nepal”. After Uniting Nepal, he divided the country people under different caste and creeds and setup their works accordingly.For example:Chhetris had to join Army force(Gurkhas) because they were well known for their bravery, Brahmins had to perform religious works, kamis were asked to make the metal weapons like khukuris(kukri) and so on.

From early childhood, our Managing Director, Mr. Himal Raj Giri, has been fascinated by the khukuri. He was literally born to this tradition - Born into a “Chhetris” family – the hereditary warrior caste of Nepal – he was told stories of glory and adventure of the Gurkha soldiers by his Grandfather, who was himself a Gurkha. Himal began training in the martial arts at age 10, and received his black belt in the Kyokushin Kai system of Japanese Karate, founded by the late master Masutatsu Oyama – a system famed throughout the world for the toughness of its training methods. Upon receiving his first dan black belt in his early 20s, he began teaching the younger students. He also resolved to combine the art of karate with the art of the traditional Nepalese khukuri. To further broaden his understanding of the khukuri he began working in a khukri manufacturing house in Thamal, and served as a manager there for five years, learning everything he could about its craftsmanship, history, and

traditions; as well as the history, beliefs, customs, and traditions of Nepal’s Gurkha warriors. The knowledge and respect for those traditions he gained in these years; as well as his ongoing fascination with the khukuri; inspired him to found Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House, with the idea of promoting khukuris and other products of Nepalese craftsmanship, as well as giving human dignity, a better life, and a better income to the caste of hereditary “Kami” and other workers who preserve the tradition of crafting the Nepalese khukuri. Today, Himal Raj Giri remains dedicated to providing his customers with the best service possible, and the best possible value for their money. As awareness of the quality and tradition of genuine Gurkha khukuris continues to spread throughout the world, he continues to be devoted to the task of meeting the increasing demands for their export, while preserving the quality of these fine, handcrafted Nepalese knives. Under his guidance, Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House continues its commitment to exporting the best traditional khukuris throughout the world.