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Hello! Nice to meet you! I'm sorry for the recent slowness - Between the season being so busy and a recent cold I'm a bit behind but I aim to get all orders on their way before Halloween. Please message me twice if I don't get back to your first attempt since the artfire system of e-mails sometimes get quite lost in the shuffle and I'd hate to not reply to anyone because their message got sent to my spam folder! You will never bother my by messaging me extra - I'd rather get a ton of messages than chance missing something important! It can sometimes take a few days to get back to a message since I am a one person shop here and if I'm working on projects or taking things to the post office there's no one else to answer messages for me (or if I'm sick)

Thank you so much for coming to look at my wares and I am always happy to work on custom projects!

Fake fur