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I started making artwork like most by trying to recreate images especially by drawing faces. That slowly moved to basic landscapes and still lives. I later indulged in creating sculptures and even performance art. I never intended to mainly produce environmental artwork, but I was always drawn to watching animals move on television. Or to how the landscape told stories by its tranquil silence.

My artwork incorporates nature simply like still water before the mountains. I am interested in parts of the world that are serene, I find them important like your typical landscape of mountains and rivers. I directly use images that are seen in magazines and video that appear abstract when taken out of context; In this case, they are used in my paintings and drawings as abstract artwork.

I comment on subtle human behavior as well as animal behavior. I also touch on a natural and uninvited need to be connected with nature in the 21st century. Most people, including myself are divided from nature through birth. So my abstract work is a gentle reminder of that connection through first glance. When that glance becomes a stare, then the abstraction is removed and the image is seen.

I rely strongly on a simple color palette and a lot of times monochromatic.

I have a desire for viewers to admire the raw paint on the canvas, how the textures develop interest and hopefully viewers can reflect on their own personal connection with nature and colors because ultimately allows all artists to do what they do

Influences: I have been very influenced by the National Geographic Magazines as well as their network channel. I also use the Discovery Channel as well as random books and articles with any facts about nature. Without these sources, I would never have concrete images about the world outside of my apartment. And of course everyday life should always be your biggest inspiration.

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I have never been interested in anything but painting on canvas. I love how the paint lays on the canvas whether using paint brushes palette knifes fingers etc. I enjoy the clean lines and how a thicker canvas can give great presence in a room without a frame. I generally use oil and acrylic paints and your typical mediums.