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McKeesport , Pa, United States


I am fascinated by history, nature and cultures. Being an artist I have found a direct link between the natural world and it’s impact on the culture and beliefs of groups of people. People then express their reverence and awe of the world around them in the art they produce. There are spiritual expressions and there are utilitarian creations all sourced from the beauty and majesty of the natural world. I enjoy researching the rich history of the amazing artists and thinkers through place and time. This is my inspiration.

Skills and Techniques

I have practiced and taught art in numerous forms. I found it difficult to settle into one form of expression but there is only so much time given to us in this life. I found that working in clay is very satisfying because it combines the sculptural with surface design and painting. Clay also is very ancient and natural. I am putting my hands into the earth itself and that aspect is truly meditational for me. I do not currently use a pottery wheel, all of my work is built by hand. I use brown, red and white clay bodies depending on the design I am creating. I use earthenware clay and glazes. Recently I have been studying the Norwegian art of rosemaling and I use a type of China paint that is food-safe to paint on the designs. Another technical direction I have taken is the pressing of natural grasses and other materials into the clay to create a pleasing design. I love the results that come with this technique although it can be very time consuming when it comes to glazing such pieces.

Get to Know

The work I do is based on my interest and personal connection to the history and culture of Scandinavian and European peoples. Another very important and overlapping connection for me is that of the natural world. All of the things you will find in my shop have meaning and thought behind them. They will likely be the kinds of objects that are given to others as gifts to show recognition and at important passages of life. The kinds of objects that prompt questions and conversation. The experience of sharing the art I have created has come to be a very meaningful part of my life.