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La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

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Accents and Petals specializes in creating flowers and floral decorations from paper, wood shavings and other recycled items


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Accents and Petals was formed from a deep appreciation of recycling and reusing. Our passion is to create with recycled wood, paper, corn husks, burlap sacks, scrap fabrics, fossilized leaves and grasses making Accents and Petals all about flowers, bouquets and accessories created with these materials. A plus side to purchasing one of our unique wood flowers or surprisingly strong paper beads is that they will literally last a lifetime. This can be extremely enticing for brides-to-be as no bride wants to see her bouquet wilt and turn brown. As to the materials we use for our one of a kind creations, Accents and Petals comes by these interesting materials in truly the most unique of ways. The paper beads are from recycled paper that would otherwise be thrown away and the wood is actually salvaged from wooden shipping crates in sea ports or sometimes purchased from recycling facilities. After bringing home these materials, each piece of wood is painstakingly shaved and the flowers assembled petal by petal. Paperbeads from recycled paper are assembled in much the same fashion as the sustainable wooden flowers. Burlap sacks originally used to store peanuts and coffee were re-used and recycled to create our burlap decors.Accents and Petals strives to make a statement that all things destined for the landfill are not necessarily garbage. Our mission is to decrease our waste by creating permanent beautiful fixtures you won't want to throw away.We hope to make a difference through each piece of art we create. We also stay busy with wholesale orders and creating custom lifelike flowers to mimic a wide variety of natural flowers with the added ability to get very creative with color accents and texture. The flowers we create will complete any rustic and shabby chic look you desire! Whether you're a bride looking to complete her wedding day look, a crafter who loves DIY or simply searching for a permanent floral decor, these flowers are guaranteed to add a rustic touch to your home all year round. You will also find both single bouquets and flowers for purchase as well as wholesale options. Please take note of my shop policy for up to date information on bulk orders and shipping.

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