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Bad Axe, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

Hello! Welcome to All Wired Up TOO~
Wire-wrapped jewelry my specialty. Vintage Jewelry and handcrafted findings,destas


Woman of many talents..wife,mom,Grandma~Jewelry Designer, Domestic Goddess! Virtual Storm Chaser, Gear Head, Jeans,boots and tee shirts are my chosen wardrobe!
Not complicated!

Skills and Techniques

Lapidarist, I love my Diamond Pacific Genie! I saved for a very long time to purchase it. It is the back bone of my jewelry making! I make my own stones for wire wrapping.
Self taught wire wrapper, I borrowed books from the library and twisted and wrapped wire until I knew the properties of wire, what it will and won't do~ I believe I have my own techniques!
Now learning metalsmithing.

Get to Know

Hello!I'm Dee~ Wire wrapper (self taught,jewelry designer, beadaholic..YES I'm addicted! I have beads everywhere..well hubby doesn't have any in his bathroom..he does need a space with out my beads~(I'm only half serious about most things~ light hearted and often sarcastic in a fun way)
I am a lapadarist with a complete studio..Genie,saws,dops,rocks..LOTS of rocks~over two tons~ I have rocks everywhere TOO hubby might have a rock or two in his bathroom...*wink

I am often inspired by just the shape of something~ I often cut cabochons free form because of the shape of a pattern in the stone~
I am currently into abstract..I love abstract because there is such a freedom to do what feels right instead of doing what is expected.

I am Mom of four step mom of three, grandma to 13 grandangels ~

I have a very supportive husband..of 30 years~it hasn't always been easy but what in life that is worth having or doing is easy?

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