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billerica, MA, United States

Quick Blurb

All proceeds go to Support Sinatra, My Great Pyrenees Medical Alert Service Dog, who has a tough job keeping me alive!


Knitting, Crocheting, Leather Pouches, Wood carving, Painting, Drawing, Gemstone Jewelry, Braided Leather, Feathers, Carved Shells, Carved Bone, Spirit and Medicine Pouches, Painted Fabric pouches. Barrettes, Pins,

Skills and Techniques

Current:"Stained Glass" Leather painting (own technique),"Acrylic Fusion" Painting (own technique), Ribbon Angels (own technique) Carving Wood, Bone and Shells.

Get to Know

My name is Sinatra, and I am a 10 year old Great Pyrenees, whose primary job is taking care of my human, Josephine MorningStar.

I can no longer help her in her wheelchair, as it was found on Feb 15, 2014, that i have heart disease. However, with the current medications, My heart is improving!!! These meds though, are expensive, each month it costs over $135 for just 4 meds, but they are all important.

I was originally told that i had congestive Heart failure (CHF) but that dx has been removed. The last vet visit, My cardio dr said that the heart was going down in size (which is a good thing!!) and that i was improving way better then he had initially expected.. (thinking i would not last to the end of Feb even. Boy did i prove Him wrong!!)

All the jewelry that you see in this studio now. has my input on it.. I grouped the colors together, and nosed the stones around. Jo just strings them together after I am satisfied with them.

My primary duties are Medical alert for Jo. I alert to her heart rate, oxygen saturation in her breath, blood pressure and I also alert before pain and migraines.

Without me here, Jo would not be able to live independently and enjoy life. she would be stuck in a hospital on a respirator. im told that is not any fun.

Please browse the pages of this studio, Find something you like & help me in staying with Jo for as long as i am wanting to stay (Pyrs are easily living to 15 yrs or longer), I want to stay here as long as possible. Jo really needs me! Woof!!

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