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Portland, Or, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm a full time theatre professional with a penchant for metal & herbalism. I am inspired by strong women & healing herbs


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Skills and Techniques

I am a self-taught chain maille artist ever since I made my first European 4-1 bracelet back in 2007. I've also played with beading for the love of gemstones. Also back in 2007, I took a metalsmithing course at a local fine arts center and found another love for working with metal.

I am an herbal student of the great Rosemary Gladstar as well as of the plants themselves. As an herbalist will tell you, we never stop learning from the herbs.

Get to Know

Athena's Armoury was founded back in 2007 when I learned my very first chain maille weave (European 4-1) and knew that I hit upon a new obsession. It wasn't long after that very first bracelet that I decided to work on my first large scale chain maille project. I wanted to make something historically correct, so I decided on a coif (armor covering for the head, neck, shoulders, chest). Athena's Armoury continued to grow with many different weaves and projects ranging from jewelry to bags to armor.

My interests in alternative healthcare and environmentalism as well as fascination of the healing properties of herbs led me to start studying herbalism in earnest in 2009. After a couple of years of reading, research, concocting, and getting to know the plants, it was time to start adding my herbal goodness to the shop. Athena's Armoury became Athena's Armoury and Apothecary.

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