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Clovis, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

Wire-wrapping and creating beautiful wire art jewelry is my passion.


I love working with wire, enjoy the search for unique and interesting stones, beads and findings. I also enjoy working on the computer and learning new programs.

Skills and Techniques

I am pretty much self taught in all areas of jewelry making. I love working with wire and wire-wrapping various stones. I have dabbled in lapidary, but have pretty much left that to my husband. I also work with seed beads and I am in the first stages of learning to work with precious metal clay.

Get to Know

I was born in Honolulu HI, and raised in Marin County, CA, and today I reside in the beautiful Napa Valley with my husband Chuck, close to my mom, sons and two grandchildren.

My journey into the jewelry world began 17 years ago, when through a friend I was introduced to seed beads and became fascinated with the colors and the designs that could be created through weaving these beads together using stitches that I taught myself through books and other mediums. Today, I create jewelry using sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire, semi-precious stones, crystals, Murano beads, and various other findings that I find on-line or when attending gem and bead shows.

Recently my husband and I have been collecting slabs of semi-precious stones that my husband then cuts, shapes and polishes creating beautiful gemstone cabochons, which I use in creating my one-of-a-kind pieces. My jewelry is designed using wire and weaving, wrapping and/or coiling the wire when making each piece of jewelry. I also design pieces using my bead weaving skills. I continue to learn new skills so that I can apply them to my designs My jewelry can be seen during the summer months at Fine Art & Wine festivals throughout Northern California, here at ArtFire, or you can also find me on Facebook, and then there's my website AvaDesigns.net.