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Thomasville , NC, United States


Art is subjective! This we've learned over the past few years. Our art interests have changed and we'd like to think grown. We still love and appreciate the art of nature. We believe what God has created is the greatest art and inspiration of all.

Skills and Techniques

Steel is something that Gary has always enjoyed. Over the years he's made items that have gone to space and to the depths of the ocean. The metal art is a way for him to create things that are less precise, but things that are a source of great pride nonetheless. Gary & his son-in-law Jason have developed their skills at cutting, forming, shaping, and finishing their creations.

Get to Know

Gary & Cathey have both worked in the metal industry for over 30 years. They've worked both for other people and for themselves. Working as a team with their daughter and son-in-law, they've built Back 40 Metal Worx into a successful part-time business. At Back 40 Metal Worx we enjoy creating items that bring joy to others. As we've discovered over the years, art is something that is very subjective. One person likes this particular type of art, another likes something entirely different. To try and create something for everyone can be a real challenge. That's why you'll find our work crosses several art tastes. We spend many weekends each year at art and craft shows, street festivals, and gun shows. We enjoy meeting a very diverse cross section of people and getting their take on art. Many of the designs we have were inspired (suggested) by folks who visited our booth at these shows. One of our favorite things to do is create custom items, something that is personalized for one individual customer. We're often amazed at the ideas for an art piece that someone can dream up. Sometimes it's from a picture they've seen and sometimes it's just an idea. No matter where the inspiration comes from, we try try to help customers turn their ideas into steel.