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I am interested in crafting vintage, classic and botanical bridal jewelry and headpieces, which inspire me a lot to create unique and special bridal jewelry. The natures, flowers and plants in particular give me unlimited inspirations, their richness, shapes and varieties have fuelled me streams of imaginations. I am also interested in bridal dresses, wedding planning and wedding photography.

Skills and Techniques

As the crafter for many years, I'm skillful on using traditional millinery tools and techniques, embroidery and beads sewing skills, wiring, French beading, porcelain flowers and nail polish flowers skills..... I like using different skills and different materials such as fabric, beads, pearls, even clay to do my headpieces and accessories projects, to make the final products unique and special, found no anywhere else.

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Get to Know

Belle Bridal supplies unique handmade Bridal Headpieces, Adornments and Jewellery, customized to your favors

Hello customers! Here in Belle Bridal Jewellery, you will see creative and inspirational bridal headpieces, earrings and jewellery, all are handcrafted by hand, sewn and twisted one by one, beads by beads with high level of traditional millinery techniques, each piece is unique and you can find it nowhere. Stay tuned with us and you can find new additions are out each day! Enjoy your day!

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