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I am inspired by anything nature. My children and their unfeigned imagination encourages me. Most of all capturing the emotion in a loved ones portrait forever turning it into a peice of art. I feel that people appreciate hand made personlized items nowadays more than ever before and that is a huge incentive for me.

Skills and Techniques

I can work with several different mediums when customizing a portrait. One of my favorite and very rare mediums to find available for portraits is alcohol ink. It's a lot like watercolor but way more vibrant and unpredictable. It has the translucent dreamy look of watercolor but with an extra pop. It's best for a more surreal look. Graphite, charcoals, pen and ink are most often preferred for a more realistic and classic look. Colored pastels give a softer look. I also like mixing mediums.

Get to Know

*Attention * Please browse my gallery for examples of previously purchased portraits! Welcome to BrickPenny! My name is Lindsey and I am a portrait artist from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am a firm believer in making artwork affordable for people. Hence "BrickPenny" - strong spirited workmanship for a reasonable cost. Art is truly like therapy for me ..I keep my cost affordable but pour my heart and soul into everything that I do. I absolutely love to create! I offer one of a kind custom portrait work of people or pets. I can work with several different mediums depending on what the client is looking for .(There are several different examples of this listed for you to preview)
I also LOVE working with paper mache. There is somthing so wonderful about using somthing that you would typically throw away to create a peice of art that comes to life! I have several quirky animal heads listed. I absolutely encourage any differentr ideas or different animals that I dont have listed( it doesn't have to be an animal) that we can work together to create!
Salt clay is also another favorite of mine. I use it to make unique little magnets , trinkets or wall hangings. Again, feel feel to shoot me pictures or ideas to allow me to give you exactly what you would like!

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