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COWstyle's main inspiration are people and life. We create high quality pieces of leather jewelry for people and focus on telling bits of their life's story by engraving it on the accessory. This is what makes them unique and extraordinary, the ability to hold and carry a soul's story.

Anybody can be a COWstyler. Our creativity knows no boundaries and our collections include a wide range of jewelry styles including children, youth and adults.

As our focus are people, we ensure that COWstyle is home to new and existing loyal customers. COWstyle is highly reliant on customer’s voice and we constantly improve and learn by actively engaging with them.

Skills and Techniques

At COWstyle we offer engraving on leather and stainless steel via our specialized laser technology. We produce high quality products made of high quality genuine leather and stainless steel.

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Get to Know

COWstyle is an Austrian accessories and leather goods company born somewhere between Bankok, Singapore and the Gili-islands. Upon travelling the world, Christian, Oliver and Wolfgang then university friends, now business partners, did not let their body, mind, soul relax but also let their thoughts wander. They thought life should always be this way: free, easy-going and full of possibilities.

This feeling gave life to COWstyle brand which was launched in December 2011 and its first store which opened in Graz, in 2012, was a huge success.

COWstyle has been growing ever since and is taking over north European markets as well rapidly expanding in other parts of the world.

We create stylish and trendy designs that offer you exceptional pieces of accessories and leather jewelry.

What makes COWstyle world unique is customization. We can add a personal touch to our stylish pieces by laser engraving them and therefore you get your own personalized COWstyle® piece.

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