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Madison, Missouri, United States

Quick Blurb

I LOVE making beads and thimbles in my studio in Missouri. I've been "playing with fire" for over 20 years now.


Handmade Glass Beads, Art Glass, Art Glass Thimbles,Art Glass Focal Beads,Unique Bookmarks

Skills and Techniques

I love to use many different kinds of hand pulled floral canes to "paint" flowers on my beads. I like to use powdered enamels, silver foil, silver wire and different frits in my designs.

Get to Know

I've always been interested in making things since I was quite small. In high school I did macrame' jewelry quickly progressing into making silver wire work jewelry. In my twenties I sold a lot of handmade earrings at re-enactments and portrayed an Indian woman. I loved to make beads out of paper and clay. I got interested in hand quilting and have won many ribbons in competitions. About the same time I got into hand spinning. I really loved the feel of the fibers as they slipped through my fingers on they're way to becoming beautiful yarns. My husband even gave me a handmade spinning wheel for a wedding gift. Well the babies started to arrive and I still tried to work in quilting and hand spinning. I loved going to spinning gatherings and entering my spinning in national competitions dragging my husband and two small children behind me in a little red wagon! Shortly after my daughter was born I became intrigued with making glass beads. I seemed to be only able to work at the torch after the kids were in bed. In the day I worked for our business of Turkey Foot Trading Company and Forge LLC. Working at night is still what I do today and that Daughter of mine will be turning 17 this year! The beads I make myself in my little studio right in the middle of cow country in Missouri. IÃ?Æ'Ã,¢EUR(TM)ve been making beads and glass pens for over 16 years now and enjoy every minute I can get at the torch. I participate in historical re-enacting and own a sutlery called "Turkey Foot Trading Company and Forge LLC" with my husband. We travel to many French & Indian War and Rev War re-enactments setting up our tent and selling are wares. I also do Porcupine Quillwork, Moose Hair embroidery and make lots of soap! You can find our Sutlery on the Web at: You can view my blog at:

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