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Dewey, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm Michelle of CreativeCritters. I love creating fun, intricate, and whimsical pieces in polymer clay, plush, and yarn.


I sculpt in polymer clay: miniature houses, fantasy, pens, animals, jewelry & more. I sew cloth dolls & clothes, fantasy characters & I knit stuffed animals. I sew plush teddy bears and make catnip toys using my own organic catnip as well.

Skills and Techniques

I'm a self taught sculptor, with polymer clay being my medium of choice. I use Super Sculpey, Fimo, Primo, Cernit, and Studio Sculpey. Each has different characteristics and is best for different projects. I keep learning new techniques and improving on what I already know with the use of tutorials, magazines, and books. I love trying new things and expanding my repertoire. My grandmother taught me how to sew by hand. All of my dolls and plush characters were sewn by hand.

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Get to Know

I have been an artist since I was child with my first lump of Play Doh. I have always enjoyed working with clay and discovered polymer clay in my late teens. I love animals, nature, and the world of fantasy and this is reflected in my sculptures. I also enjoy a large variety of crafts, and like to try new things. Several years ago I started making cloth dolls, which have been a huge hit with my nieces and friend's children. I even had one of my dolls featured in "Today's Creative Home Arts". The dolls make wonderful gifts for children or doll collectors. Recently I began making jewelry with polymer clay and a variety of beads. I'm inspired by bold colors and interesting shapes. I also make very detailed miniature polymer clay houses surrounded with beautiful landscaping. One of my log cabins was featured in the October 2008 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine. Fantasy has always lighted a creative spark in me, and many of my sculptures sprang into life with that spark. Fairies, wizards, gnomes, trolls, and dragons have all been sculpted over the course of my artistic career. "Scorch the Rockin' Dragon" was featured in the February 2009 issue of Polymer Cafe magazine. My most recent work would be the World of Warcraft plush characters. While I don't play myself, my mother and brothers do and they prompted me to try my hand at recreating these interesting creatures. I try to put as much detail as possible into my work, and spend many hours getting it "just right". I also strive very hard to provide excellent customer service and communication. I try to use recycled materials as well- everything has a use! I never throw out clothing, old purses, or trinkets that could be turned into something new.

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