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Bellingham, WA, United States


Beccy likes to work in fabrics and handles the logistics of shipping and customer service. Jason is a graphic designer by trade and works a lot in Photoshop, resin casting, 3D printing & scanning.

Skills and Techniques

To make our Candlelight Simulacra, I use Photoshop to process the photos, 3D design software to create the 3D models and my 3D printer to print them out.

Get to Know

Jason and Beccy of Dauntless Design Works have been crafting for fun and profit all their lives. They find that the crafts and ideas that make them smile and are fun to make are the best items to sell.
From Jason:
I'm a 'maker': part artist, part crafter, part geek. Most of my projects start out as challenges to myself, to expand my skills or explore a new medium. Some turn into gifts for my friends and family. Of those, a few turn into fun products for the artfire community! I love to make and share things that I think are awesome with you.
From Beccy:
I grew up in a crafty and playful home; toys are a fascinating form for me. I love interpreting history, fine art, spirituality, and popular cultural into playthings. Everything I offer here has been play-tested by our family and our young friends -- it's only for sale after the kids take off with it, play rough with it, and ask if they can give one to their friends for their birthday. I'm honored to offer my work to the kids in your life!