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Placitas, NM, United States


I appreciate organic, handmade and all natural things in every aspect of my life. I love beautiful, functional things. It must have a functional purpose and be stunning! So l designed these hair slides for embellishment and adornment for hair and I designed a smaller version for shawls, wraps, scarfs, sweaters, any wide weave. If you want a real bold statement piece, use a hair slide on your wide weaves, stunning! I love the designs by Alexander Calder, he designed jewelry and brooches for Georgia O'Keefe. I have designed a piece inspired by Alexander to use in hair or as a bold statement piece on a wide weave garment, beautiful!

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As a child, I designed living spaces from tiny rocks on the short wall between our house and the neighbors for my tiny plastic babies.I would be occupied for hours. I am sure my mom was very happy when I was involved in my creative fantasies. I have always loved to create, it did not matter what. As I grew older I would make kitchen witches and hair bows to sell at craft fairs and did very well. I have self taught metal work, metal etching, jewelry making, enameling, designing tea wallets, fancy decorated sewing pins and on and on.

I have long hair and I live where it gets cold in the winter. So I have designed and hand form then hammer, heavy gauge aluminum hair slides and shawl pins for my wide weaves, scarfs and wraps and for my hair. To add color and more texture, I wire wrap genuine semi-precious stones to my slides and pins. I enjoy my trade very much. It is very satisfying and therapeutic, relaxing to make these beautiful creations. I do beautiful gift wrap on single orders. It is such a pleasure to open up a gift, I make sure you have that pleasure with each single purchase. Two or more items in an order are not gift wrapped but carefully boxed and shipped. Take a look around and enjoy my shop. Thanks

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