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Several years ago, when I was first starting out learning to make jewelry, I was also into family genealogy. I set out on a very determined path to trace my father's roots. After months of searching and using almost every resource available to me, I have now taken a hiatus from this interesting but frustrating past time. I will return to it eventually, but for now, I have decided to take a break, because I continued to run into the same brick wall over and over again. My searching led me to my great great grandfather, Oliver William Norris, who was from Lauderdale County, Mississippi. He was born in 1843 (at least that is what he wrote on records, but there is some speculation that he might have changed this date in order to be old enough to sign up for the Confederate Army.). I have not been able to find out who is parents were, or an official birth record for him. All we know for sure, is the first document he appears on, is a federal census from 1850, in which he is 5 yrs old and listed in the household of a woman in Lauderdale Co, MS by the name of Elizabeth Ratliff. I have been unable to locate any other document before then or after, until 1865, when he enlisted in the Confederate Army. Little else is known about who Elizabeth Ratliff was, or why he was in her household that day. But she is in fact, the very first official record of my father's family. And so, when I needed a name for my jewelry line, I decided since I was at a beginning, that I would use the beginning of my roots. And for now anyway, they begin with Elizabeth Ratliff.
I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!