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Lawrenceville, GA, United States

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Welcome to my shop - Look around ... and thanks for stopping by.


Sewing, crocheting, creating, shopping in craft stores, genealogy researching, painting, writing, and just doing most anything that needs to be done. I spend a lot of time on my computer... a necessity in order to do all this crafting, sewing, planning, and creating.

Get to Know

A work in progress here.....

I have made my handbags for so many years .. I would like to phase out the large bags that have been my staple line for a long time. They are like the one I carry all the time. They have pockets outside and inside, zipper closure, shoulder straps, and other extras. .. made to fit me. Every time I look for already made bags, I can’t find one like the ones I make. This design began when I found a quilted bag in an open shop in the mall. When it looked like it needed to be replaced, I could not find one so I said, “I can make that”. They have improved since then and I am totally spoiled with the pockets, the extra room and organizing inside and out, plus the kind of interfacing and the extra amount I use for stability with these bags. I pick my color, fabric and size and replace mine when needed.

I also have made quilts for so many years. I started making them for brain therapy…  I have made more than 100 and sold them…. Actually most are quilt tops, as doing the sandwich on my sewing machine is way too much to tackle. I have, and it’s not a fun job. Designing them is.

I do paper products, which I really like to do, and beyond still doing some of the sewing, I want to try to switch over to paper items… shapes, thank you cards, personal cards, and things like that.

I will be doing some of all these items and see what is best. Please look at my items as I add them to this shop. I grandson-care also 3 days a week and take my work with me on those days. My days are very busy and I want them to be profitable and enjoyable.

I am proficient and I ship my items as soon as possible… most of time on the day of the sale or the day after. If a sale falls on a weekend, I ship on Monday.

I try to keep shipping to a minimum and the large bags shipped in a box to fit, runs up the shipping cost to you. By the time we sellers get all the preperations for shipping an item, it’s more than the Post Office amount.. if we don’t count it all in with the shipping and handling, we lose money in the process.. and I don’t always count the packaging … just the shipping. So please understand we do try our best.

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