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Franklin, NC, United States


A lot of my inspirations for my creativity comes from my love of nature and especially the woods and mountains. I was close to retiring when my love of fibers really hit me and has only grown over the years. My initial interest was in sewing and working with fabrics but grew to the fiber art medias so now I do knitting, weaving, nuno and wet felting, hand spinning, carding, and dyeing fiber.

Skills and Techniques

My special skill of working with colors, experimenting with color combinations, etc. is easily seen in my projects. Color is the best avenue of creativity for me and only brightens my world with all the options.

Get to Know

Creativity Wanders to Fibers...

As a child I can remember first learning to sew. I feel that time sparked my creativity and led me to where I am today. I was always touching fabrics and creating special garments from my "child-like" imagination.

Later, when my husband and I moved to Maine I really found my love of fiber art in a new way. With the new lifestyle that Maine offered, my creativity was ignited again. Ever since then I have been knitting, spinning, weaving or felting and have not looked back! We are now back in the South, however, my creativity has not wavered. A big part of my success is due to my special husband and his encouragement to pursue my dreams wherever they may lead me.

I mostly enjoy creating stylish, timeless and quality fashion accessories using high quality materials such as wool, alpaca, mohair, and silk. I love working with vibrant colors and materials resulting in luxurious textures throughout my creations. I often use ribbons, beads, sparkles, and feathers as accent pieces and added texture to my creations. Who knows what the future will bring...but I will always let my creativity run free!

Each item I create is unique and I hope will bring many "oohs" and "aahs" and that you love them as much as I loved making them. Thank you for visiting my Fiber Distinction Shop.