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I am a beekeeper and glass cutter...I like to cook too. I have been known to sew some pretty nifty costumes too.... I love going to Renaissance festivals and I have a huge garden with over 40 chickens.

I like many things :)

Skills and Techniques

I have a kiln I will be experimenting watch out for some fused pieces to come along.

I can also do lead work so pieces can be hung outside. I just prefer copper foil.

Get to Know

I started ...or shall I say I RE-Started doing stained glass back in 2013....

Back in 1989 when I was 13, I was attending a school where my arts electives were to either A) Sing in the school musical or B) learn how to do copper foil technique stained glass. As I was NOT known for my operatic or even harmonious singing voice, it was easy to choose. And Am I glad I did.

After that one Winter/Spring semester of making a stained glass piece, of which we had to design our own patterns, I was hooked. My father went out and got me a basic grinder, soldering iron and all the basic supplies I needed to start making my own works of art. I had a lot of fun crafting my own designs and pieces, tho only two remain to this day. The original I did in class and one I made at home. They are cracked and broken...and do not display much skill. BUT they show how far I have come.

So I was 13 and growing up. Come high school, my interest in glass waned a bit and I was overwhelmed with trying to get into a good University, Glass fell by the wayside. But I NEVER forgot how to do it and how much I enjoyed it. I went off to University and then grad school...then the new Millennium was here and I was out of school and needed full time work. I started my "career", met my husband, got married and had two wonderful children.

However, not all was well with one of our children. So much so I needed to leave work and come home. So many appointments and things to do. But one Christmas my husband got for me a grinder, some glass...and all the new supplies I needed to start back up. AND I DID! And as I improved my skill, I decided that hey...THIS can be my new job! And since then...I have been doing this full time while I take care of our child!

And Why Glass Studio 820? What does that MEAN?

It takes sunlight 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the Earth...or to reach your window where the light shines in. :)