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We love GoPro for the opportunity to re-live the brightest moments of our lives, share them with the world, and draw on their energy to achieve new things. After all, videos remain with us for years to come!
Did we mention how much we love experiments?
Hardy Hillman was one of them.

Find me online @:

https://www.facebook.com/HardyHi… https://www.instagram.com/hardyh… https://ru.pinterest.com/hardy_h… http://hardyhillman@gmail.com

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Drawing on our wealth of experience as master leather craftsman, we came up with a prototype for the first case. During the design development process — taking measurements, working on the texture of the leather, choosing stitches, and perfecting every detail — the enthusiasm was infectious. The result didn’t fail to disappoint — the case was stylish and felt truly amazing to the touch! No matter who the recipient, they can rest assured that their case has been made with love!

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