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Apalachicola, Florida, United States

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My name is Sandi Garrett Little, and several years ago I started researching the effects of our environment on our lives and bodies. Everyday we use manmade chemicals on our skin in the quest to feel better about ourselves. We use "detergent" to bathe, and slather our skin with all sorts of concoctions that are supposed to make us look and smell wonderful. We stress our bodies and spirits with work, family, and all the "busyness" of our everyday lives. My research has led to the creation of products that are natural, luxurious, and most of all pampering. In the midst of your busy day, don't you deserve a few moments just for you? Create an environment that will bring "Harmony" to your life...stimulating your senses using the wonderful world of aromatherapy to balance you as nothing else can do. Aromas can relax, stimulate, uplift, refresh or calm our bodies, senses and spirits. Remember familiar smells from your childhood...evoking memories of simpler places and times? Remember how good they made you feel? Handmade in small batches using the finest ingredients I can find, these products will do that and more....healthy ingredients will nourish and please your skin and balance your spirit. The research never stops...if I can find a way to make something better, then that's what I do. Cruelty-free testing done is on humans only....animals seem to get irritable and usually give incorrect answers! Enjoy and find "Harmony"!!