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Salem, OR, United States

Quick Blurb

My studio is in the dinning room, in the back at a table.


Beading, crocheting, singing, dancing, reading, learning new things, health & fitness, beach combing, jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, wire wrapping, stones, gems, pendants, photography, crafts, hand made, hand-crafted, & much more!

Skills and Techniques

embroidery floss, wire, nylon & other threads. Beading, jewelry making, wire wrapping, chainmaille,beading techniques, and whatever else I learn!

Get to Know

Hi my name is Julia and welcome to my store! I live in Salem, Oregon with my son.

JK's Creations is a new venture for me. I have always loved creating things by hand and recently discovered a passion for designing and creating my own fashion jewelry. I create beautiful handcrafted jewelry in my spare time. Being a mother of a 7 year old keeps me plenty busy, so I usually get my creating in when he is down for the night or while he is watching some educational programs.

Each and every piece that you see has been hand-crafted with love and care. Most of my items gear towards the traditional, high fashion and/or trendy styles, while others show a little more of my creative nature (sometimes I like to step outside the box a little bit). But ALL are unique :). That's the great thing about creating things by hand... no two pieces are EVER the same... I love that :)!! What gives me the most joy, is bringing joy to those who own & wear my jewelry art. I truly want you to be happy with your purchases, and hope you will still be enjoying them for years to come. I stand behind my work, & I will do whatever I can to make you happy!

Custom Work:
Many of my designs are one~of~a~Kind, the ones that are not, will still differ a bit, and will be made in limited amounts. If you are interested in a piece that has sold, let me know, if the materials are still available to me, I will be happy to recreate it for you.... If you are interested in a piece that is still for sale, but you would prefer it be a bit different, I may be able to alter it to better suit your needs, so it never hurts to ask...If you have your own idea about a piece of jewelry that you would like to own, & think I may be the right person to create it for you, Lets Discuss it. I Love a Challenge!

Please feel free to browse as much as you want and I hope you enjoy your stay :)!!! New items will be posted so feel free to stop by anytime & see what's new!

My inspiration's are my son, my family, church family, and friends... for without their encouragement, motivation and push, I'm not sure I would've given it a second thought. Thank you all! Please feel free to pop over and "like" my Facebook page and leave your "Link Love" links in my Discussions tab.

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