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Jacksonville, FL, United States


I like to read and learn new things. Every day is a new vista of ideas and joy waiting to be discovered!

Skills and Techniques

The stones and gems that I use when making my jewelry pieces have to "feel right" together. I have often said, "that's a pretty stone!", but when it came time to match it with others-nothing felt like it was a good match. So that stone would go back in the box for another time...

Get to Know

I love to put together bracelets, necklaces, and earrings using the lovely stones that Mother Nature provides.
My jewelry-making got started simply when I was looking for a way of placing my healing stones for maximum effect. I made myself a few pieces and got some nice compliments on them. Then a friend wanted me to do one for her, and it took off from there.
My jewelry is not made specifically for any particular ailment, but I have found that people needing a certain benefit of healing will gravitate to a specific stone or grouping.
I hope you enjoy my jewelry for its beauty, and if it makes you feel better-that is great!
I have been branching out into the newer beads that have been hitting the market recently. Sometimes I can work them around a natural stone and sometimes they don't "fit'. It is all part of the creative process and Joy is there...waiting for you and me to reach out and embrace it.

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